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Sub Mini Bulb 12V ( Clear) with Solder Terminal B-21Y

Sub Mini Bulb 12V ( Clear) with Solder Terminal


Hose Nozzle

Hose Nozzle 80-N03

Hose Nozzle



Versatile Hose Nozzle.

Introducing our versatile Hose Nozzle, designed to meet all your watering needs. With 7 different watering patterns, a comfortable grip ergo mold, and durable construction, this hose nozzle is a must-have for efficient and effective watering.

Featuring 7 watering patterns, this hose nozzle offers a variety of options to suit every watering requirement. From a gentle shower for delicate plants to a powerful jet for cleaning, you can easily switch between patterns for optimal performance.

Designed with a comfortable grip ergo mold, this hose nozzle ensures a pleasant watering experience. The ergonomic design minimizes hand fatigue, allowing for extended use without discomfort.

Constructed to last season after season, this hose nozzle is built with durability in mind. Its robust construction can withstand the demands of outdoor use, providing reliable performance for years to come.

The lock-on water clip feature allows for continuous watering without the need to hold down the trigger, providing convenience and ease of use. Simply clip it on and enjoy uninterrupted watering.

With its leak-free design, this hose nozzle ensures efficient water flow without any wastage. Bid farewell to annoying leaks and experience hassle-free watering.

Upgrade your watering routine with our Hose Nozzle. Experience the versatility, comfort, and durability it offers, and achieve outstanding results in all your gardening and cleaning tasks. Shop now for competitive prices and fast shipping.

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This Protol nozzle is a fantastic choice for general lawn and garden use.

• 7 watering patterns – one perfect for every watering need.
• Comfortable grip ergo mold.
• Durable construction lasts season-after-season.
• Lock-on water clip for continuous watering.
• Leak free design.
‘- 7 Spray patterns
– High-impact plastic construction
– Adjustable flow control

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