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Digital Clamp Multimeter 266F

Digital Clamp Multimeter


Digital Clamp Multimeter



All Your Electrical Needs.

Measure voltage, current, and resistance with precision using our Digital Clamp Multimeter. This reliable and versatile tool is designed to provide accurate readings for both AC and DC voltage, AC current, and resistance. It is the perfect companion for electricians, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals working with electrical systems.

With its wide voltage range of 1V to 750V (AC) and 1V to 1000V (DC), our Digital Clamp Multimeter allows you to handle various electrical tasks with ease. Whether you’re troubleshooting circuits, testing outlets, or checking battery voltage, this multimeter provides clear and reliable measurements.

Measure AC current up to 200A or 1000A (depending on the model) using the clamp feature of our multimeter. This non-contact method enables you to safely measure current without interrupting the circuit. It is ideal for measuring current in wires, cables, and electrical appliances.

Our Digital Clamp Multimeter also offers accurate resistance measurements, ranging from 100 milliohms to 20 kilohms. This feature is invaluable for testing continuity, checking the resistance of components, and troubleshooting faulty connections.

Made with a durable plastic body, our Digital Clamp Multimeter is designed to withstand regular use in various working conditions. Its ergonomic design and intuitive interface ensure comfortable operation and ease of use.

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DESCRIPTION: Digital Clamp Multimeter
AC/DC VOLTAGE: 1V/750V 1V/1000V
AC AMP: 200A/1000A
RESISTANCE: 100 moHm/20000 oHm
MATERIAL: Plastic Body
PACKING: 1pc/color box
PCS/CTN: 40 pcs
CTN SIZE (lxwxh)inches: 20.4x15x15″
CTN WEIGHT: 36.4lb


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