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Power Amplifiers FU-A12000-4

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Unleash the Power of Your Sound System.

Experience the true potential of your sound system with our high-quality Power Amplifiers. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and power, these amplifiers are perfect for professional audio applications.

Enjoy a wide frequency response range of 20Hz to 20kHz, ensuring that every detail of your audio is faithfully reproduced. From deep, punchy lows to crisp, clear highs, our amplifiers will bring your music to life.

With a signal-to-noise ratio of 93dB, our amplifiers provide clean and noise-free audio signals, allowing you to enjoy your music without any unwanted interference.

Easily adjust the input sensitivity of the amplifier to match your audio source. With an input sensitivity of 0.7V, you can fine-tune the amplifier’s input level for optimal performance.

Experience minimal distortion with a THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of less than 0.05% at 1kHz. This ensures that your audio remains pure and accurate, even at high volume levels.

With an input impedance of 20KΩ, our amplifiers offer compatibility with a wide range of audio devices, making them versatile and easy to integrate into your existing setup.

Connect your audio sources with ease using the 3-pin XLR input connectors, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

For output, our amplifiers support both banana plugs and bare speaker wire connections, giving you flexibility in connecting to your speakers or audio system.

Enjoy powerful performance with a power consumption of 2400W and a peak power of 80A. Our amplifiers provide ample power to drive your speakers and deliver a captivating audio experience.

Choose the operating voltage that suits your needs, with support for both 230V and 115V. This ensures compatibility with different power systems and locations.

Our amplifiers offer impressive power ratings, with 7000W for 2Ω stereo, 4600W for 4Ω stereo, and 3800W for 8Ω stereo configurations. These power ratings guarantee a robust and dynamic audio performance.

Please note that power ratings for bridge configurations are as follows: N/A for 2Ω bridge, 14000W for 4Ω bridge, and 8800W for 8Ω bridge.

Unleash the power of your sound system with our reliable and high-performance Power Amplifiers. Whether for live performances, installations, or studio applications, these amplifiers provide the power, versatility, and precision you need to elevate your audio experience.


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Tour Grade 2 channel Amplifer

High technology & energy-saving and environment-friendly amplifier.
Follow-up DC-DC converter.
2U standard steel machine case, aluminum front.
New type red copper heat sink.
Super A class power output.
SMT & Al production.
Collect all advantages of high-technology.
Intelligent temperature control & variable cooling fan.

Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz
Signal to noise 93dB
Input sensitivity 0.7V
THD at 1kHz ≤0.05%
Input impedance 20KΩ
Input connectors 3 pin XLR
Output connectors Banana plugs/Bare speaker wire
Power Consumption 2400W/80A Peak Power
Operating Voltage 230V/115V
Power Rating: 2Ω Stereo 7000W
Power Rating: 4Ω Stereo 4600W
Power Rating: 8Ω Stereo 3800W
Power Rating: 2Ω Bridge N/A
Power Rating: 4Ω Bridge 14000W
Power Rating: 8Ω Bridge 8800W

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