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Digital Processor FU-DP36

Digital Processor


Power Conditioner

Power Conditioner FU-PC20A

Digital Processor



Enhance Your Sound.

Upgrade your sound system with our Digital Processor. Designed to deliver superior sonic quality, this compact device fits perfectly into a single rack space.

With four inputs and eight outputs, it provides versatility for any audio setup. The inputs allow you to connect multiple audio sources, while the outputs can be assigned to different inputs, offering flexibility in routing and signal distribution.

Experience effortless control with our Digital Processor’s extremely intuitive user interface. Whether you prefer using the front panel, PC, or MIDI, programming and controlling the device is a breeze. Seamlessly adjust the crossover EQ, delay, and limiter functions to optimize your audio performance and achieve the desired sound.

Connectivity is made easy with XLR audio connections. The balanced inputs and outputs ensure clean and noise-free signal transmission, maintaining the integrity of your audio.

Our Digital Processor is also third-party control friendly, allowing integration with existing control systems. This compatibility enhances the overall functionality and convenience of your sound system.

Elevate your sound system to new heights with our state-of-the-art Digital Processor. Its superior sonic quality, versatile inputs and outputs, intuitive user interface, and seamless integration options make it an essential tool for professional sound engineers and enthusiasts alike.

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Digital Processor
One Rack Space
Four inputs -Eight outputs
Extremely Intuitive user interface
Crossover EQ, Delay and limiter functions
Outputs assignable to any input
Superior Sonic Quality
Front Panel, PC or MIDI Programing and control
Third Party control friendly
XLR Audio connections
Balanced inputs and outputs
Parametric lters and Comp/Limiter to control
feedback problems.
Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel and Butterworth lters
12, 18, 24 and 48dB/Octave Slopes
Parametric EQ 1/64th to 4 Octave range
Input and Output Delay
Limiter in each output
Individual input and output metering
Fout levels of security
Conventional PA systems
AUX fed subs
L-C-R congurations
Multi-zoned systems

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