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Professional 18″ sealed enclosure transducer FU-P7018

Professional 18″ sealed enclosure transducer


DeepBass 18-inch Passive Subwoofer

DeepBass 18-inch Passive Subwoofer FU-X318

15″ Active 2-Way Monitor



Experience Exceptional Performance.

Introducing our 15″ Active 2-Way Monitor, the perfect solution for professional audio monitoring and live sound applications. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, this monitor ensures accurate sound reproduction and reliable operation.

With a System Power Handling of 300W continuous and 600W program/peak, this monitor provides ample power to handle demanding audio signals. Experience clear and dynamic sound with precise detail and balanced frequency response.

Equipped with a 15″ LF Transducer, this monitor delivers deep and punchy bass response. Enjoy rich low frequencies that add depth and impact to your audio, making every beat and note come alive.

The HF Transducer features a 1.75″ Compression Driver with a 44mm Titanium Voice Coil. This combination ensures crisp and detailed high-frequency reproduction, allowing you to hear every nuance and intricacy in your audio content.

The monitor features convenient Input Connections, allowing you to easily connect various audio sources such as mixers, audio interfaces, or media players. Enjoy hassle-free integration into your audio setup for seamless operation.

Experience a wide Frequency Response range of 45Hz to 20kHz, ensuring accurate reproduction of low-end frequencies and sparkling highs. From deep bass tones to shimmering cymbals, this monitor captures the full spectrum of your audio.

The Internal Crossover system enhances the monitor’s performance by directing specific frequencies to the appropriate drivers. With a Crossover Frequency of 2.5kHz, the monitor ensures seamless integration between the LF and HF transducers for a balanced and cohesive sound.

With a Sensitivity of 99dB at 1W/1m, this monitor efficiently converts electrical power into sound, resulting in loud and clear audio reproduction. Experience high-level output with minimal power input, ensuring optimal performance in various sound reinforcement applications.

The Max. SPL/1m (calculated) of 119dB guarantees a powerful and immersive listening experience. Whether you’re monitoring audio in a studio or delivering a live performance, this monitor ensures your sound is heard with exceptional clarity and impact.

The monitor offers a wide Coverage of 90° horizontally and 50° vertically (Nominal -6dB), providing a balanced and even dispersion of sound. Enjoy consistent audio coverage across your listening area, ensuring every listener experiences the same high-quality sound.

With a Nominal Impedance of 8Ω, this monitor offers compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers and audio systems. Easily integrate it into your existing setup or build a new sound system knowing that it seamlessly fits into your audio ecosystem.

The monitor features a sleek Black Carpet finish, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance. Its durable and rugged Cabinet Material, made of engineered wood, ensures long-lasting performance and protection for the internal components.


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Description: 15″ Active 2-Way Monitor
System Power Handling (Continuous/Program/Peak) 300W/600W
LF Transducer: 15″
HF Transducer: 1.75″Compression/44mm Titanium Voice Coil
Input Connections:
Frequency Response (-3 dB) 45~20KHz
Internal Crossover: Yes
Crossover Frequency: 2.5KHz
Sensitivity 1 W/1 m: 99dB
Max. SPL/1m (calc): 119
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) H 90 °
Coverage (Nominal -6 dB) V 50 °
Nominal Impedance (Passive)
Power Source: N/A
Color: Black Carpet
Cabinet Material: Engineered wood

Handles:                                            Top, Side

Height 26″ (662mm)
Width 17″ (430mm)
Depth 16 1/2″ (415mm)
Weight 60 lbs

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