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High Quality Test Lead


Replacement Shorts Banana Plug Red and Black

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High Quality Test Lead


Accurate Measurements.

Ensure precise and reliable measurements with our High Quality Test Lead. Designed with a length of 3.8 ft, this test lead offers the ideal reach for various testing applications. Its long tip, which provides full coverage, is equipped with an L-shaped banana plug, guaranteeing secure connections and accurate readings.

The 3.8 ft length of this test lead allows you to comfortably access testing points without the limitations of shorter leads. With its extended reach, you can efficiently perform measurements in large workspaces or hard-to-reach areas. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly readjusting your setup due to inadequate lead length.

Our High Quality Test Lead features a long tip that ensures full coverage during testing. This means you can confidently make contact with the desired points, even in tight spaces or crowded equipment panels. The long tip provides stability and reduces the risk of accidental disconnections, allowing you to focus on obtaining accurate and consistent measurements.

Equipped with an L-shaped banana plug, this test lead guarantees a secure and reliable connection. The unique design of the banana plug ensures a tight fit and minimizes signal loss, resulting in precise readings. With its sturdy construction and superior conductivity, this test lead is built to withstand frequent use and deliver consistent performance.

When accuracy is crucial, trust our High Quality Test Lead to provide reliable measurements. Whether you’re working on electronic circuits, troubleshooting electrical systems, or conducting scientific experiments, this test lead is an essential tool for any professional. Its durability and versatility make it suitable for a wide range of applications, ensuring you can rely on it time and time again.

Invest in our High Quality Test Lead to elevate your testing capabilities. With its 3.8 ft length, long tip for full coverage, and L-shaped banana plug, this test lead offers the perfect combination of convenience and accuracy. Trust in its superior performance to achieve precise measurements in various industries and applications.

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DESCRIPTION: High Quality Test Lead
PCS/CTN: 100 pcs
TIP :Long tip to full covered long L Banana Plug
SIZE: 15X14.6X14.6″
WEIGHT: 20.2lb


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