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Rotary Coax Cable Stripper



Achieve Precise Stripping.

Introducing our Rotary Coax Cable Stripper, designed to provide precise and effortless stripping of coaxial cables. Perfect for online stores catering to professionals and enthusiasts in the field of telecommunications and audiovisual installations.

Made from durable plastic material, this coax cable stripper offers reliability and longevity. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling and precise stripping of various cable types, including RG-59, RG-6, RG-11, and other coaxial cables.

The rotary action of this cable stripper allows for quick and efficient stripping, saving you time and effort. Its adjustable blades ensure accurate and clean cuts, preventing damage to the inner conductors and maintaining optimal signal quality.

Whether you’re working on a professional installation or a DIY project, our Rotary Coax Cable Stripper is an essential tool for achieving precise and reliable cable preparations. Experience hassle-free cable stripping with our high-quality and versatile tool.

Stay ahead of the competition with our Rotary Coax Cable Stripper. Its exceptional performance, durable construction, and compatibility with a wide range of coaxial cables make it a must-have for any technician or enthusiast in the field. Order yours today and simplify your cable stripping tasks.

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DESCRIPTION: Rotary Coax Cable Stripper
CONNECTORS: RG-59, RG-6, RG-11 and any coax cable
PACKING: 1pc/Blister


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