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10" Mid Range Speaker

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8″ Mid Range Speaker

10" Mid Range Speaker

12″ Mid Range Speaker



Elevate Your Sound.

Elevate your sound with our 12″ Mid Range Speaker. Designed to deliver clear and balanced mid-range frequencies, this speaker is perfect for enhancing the depth and clarity of your audio system.

Featuring a 30 Oz magnet, this speaker generates a strong magnetic field, ensuring precise and powerful sound reproduction. Enjoy detailed and accurate mid-range tones that bring your music to life.

The speaker is equipped with a 1.5″ ASV (Aluminum Voice Coil) voice coil, offering excellent heat dissipation and durability. It can handle high power levels without distortion, providing reliable and consistent performance.

Constructed with a paper cone and cloth edge, this speaker strikes a balance between rigidity and flexibility. This combination allows for accurate sound reproduction and minimizes unwanted resonances. Experience smooth and natural mid-range tones.

With a peak power rating of 300W, this speaker delivers impressive sound output. Whether you’re listening to music or watching movies, enjoy rich and immersive sound quality.

The frequency response range of 40Hz-4000Hz covers a wide spectrum of mid-range frequencies, ensuring that every detail of your audio is reproduced faithfully. Experience vocals, instruments, and audio effects with clarity and precision.

The speaker has a sensitivity rating of 91 dB/W/M, meaning it efficiently converts power into sound. Enjoy high volumes and dynamic audio without straining your audio system.

With an impedance of 8 Ohm, this speaker is compatible with a variety of audio systems and amplifiers. It seamlessly integrates into your setup, providing versatility and ease of use.

In summary, our 12″ Mid Range Speaker is a reliable and high-performing audio component designed to elevate your sound experience. Enjoy clear mid-range frequencies, powerful sound reproduction, and versatility in various audio applications.


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30 Oz magnet
1.5” ASV Voice Coil
Paper cone cloth edge
300W Peak Power
40Hz-4000Hz frequency response
91 dB/W/M
8 Ohm


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