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Professional Power Amplifier


Professional Power Amplifier


Experience Unmatched Audio Power.

Discover the Professional Power Amplifier, a state-of-the-art audio device that delivers exceptional performance for your sound system needs. This amplifier is equipped with cutting-edge features and functionalities that will elevate your audio experience to new heights.The Professional Power Amplifier boasts a built-in digital player with an external device input, allowing you to easily connect and play your favorite music from various sources. Enjoy seamless integration and effortless playback, adding versatility to your audio setup.

With a power output of 150W at 4 Ohms, this amplifier ensures robust and clear audio reproduction, filling any space with immersive sound. Whether you’re hosting a party, giving a presentation, or simply enjoying music, the Professional Power Amplifier delivers powerful and dynamic audio performance.

Featuring 4 buses/line inputs, this amplifier offers flexibility in connecting multiple audio sources simultaneously. Easily switch between inputs and enjoy seamless transitions between different audio signals, enhancing your overall audio mixing experience.

The amplifier is equipped with TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve) outputs, providing reliable and high-quality audio connections. Experience crystal-clear audio transmission, ensuring that every detail of your sound is faithfully reproduced.

Enhance your audio performance with the built-in digital delay effect, offering a range of 2ms to 150ms. Create depth and dimension in your sound by adjusting the delay time to achieve the desired audio effect. From subtle echoes to dramatic reverberations, the Professional Power Amplifier empowers you to craft your unique sonic experience.

Take full control over your sound with the 2-band equalization feature. Customize the bass and treble frequencies with a range of 80Hz for low EQ and 12kHz for high EQ, allowing you to shape and tailor the audio output to suit your preferences.

The amplifier includes a high-quality microphone preamp with an E.I.N. (Equivalent Input Noise) rating of 150 Ohms terminal, ensuring clear and noise-free microphone recordings. Capture your voice with exceptional clarity and precision, making your vocals stand out in any performance or recording.

Experience optimal signal quality with a maximum gain of less than -122dBm. This ensures that your audio signals remain clean and free from unwanted noise or interference, resulting in a pristine audio output.

The Professional Power Amplifier requires AC 110V 60Hz power input, providing stable and reliable performance. Plug it into any standard power outlet, and you’re ready to enjoy a powerful audio experience.


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4 Bus / Line inputs.
TRS Outputs.
Digital delay effects.
Build in digital player with external device input.

Reproductor digital con entrada de dispositivo externo
150W at 4 Ohms
4 Buses / Líneas de entrada
Salidas TRS
Efecto delay digital 2ms – 150ms
Equalización de canales: 2-Band, 15dB
EQ bajo: 80Hz | EQ alto: 12KHz
Micrófono pre-amp E.I.N.: 150 Ohms terminal
Ganancia Amx.: < -122dBm
Poder requerido: AC 110V 60Hz

150W per channel AT 4 Ohms.


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