DJ KIT System 2 Way Full Range


DJ KIT System 2 Way Full Range

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Supreme DJ KIT System 2 Way Full Range


Elevate Your DJ Experience.

Get ready to take your DJ skills to the next level with the Supreme DJ KIT System 2 Way Full Range. This exceptional speaker system is designed to deliver unparalleled sound quality and elevate your DJ performances to new heights.

With a program power of 500W and a peak power of 2000W, this speaker system ensures a powerful and dynamic audio experience that will captivate your audience.

Experience the full spectrum of sound with a wide frequency response range of 35Hz to 18KHz, allowing for deep, rich bass and crystal-clear highs.

With a sensitivity rating of 97dB (@1W/1m) and a maximum sound pressure level of 126dB, this speaker system delivers incredible volume and clarity, ensuring that your music is heard with precision and impact.

The 15″ (381mm) woofer with an 8 Ω impedance guarantees powerful and punchy bass reproduction, while the compression driver with an 8 Ω impedance produces detailed and crisp high frequencies.

The 90° x 50° horn provides wide sound dispersion, filling the venue with immersive and even audio coverage, ensuring that every corner of the room is filled with your music.

Equipped with an AC power supply that supports both 110V and 220V, this speaker system offers versatility and can be used in various locations worldwide.


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Packing Content: 1 Stand + 1 Speaker Box + 1 Wireless Dynamic Microphone + Remote Control


Supreme DJ KIT System 2 Way Full Range

Program Power 500W
Peak Power 2000W
Frequency Response 35Hz – 18KHz
Sensitivity 97dB (@1W/1m)
Maximum SPL 126dB
Woofer Impedance 8 Ω
Woofer Diameter 15” (381mm)
Compression Driver Impedance 8 Ω
Horn 90° x 50°
Power Supply AC 110-220V


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