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Speak-on to speak-on 4 pin


Cable XLR male to XLR female

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Speak-on to speak-on 4 pin


High Quality and Durable.

This True 12AWG Rated Speak-on to Speak-on 4 Pin cable is a high-quality product designed for optimal performance. With its durable and flexible rubber jacket, this cable ensures long-lasting use and easy handling.

It is specifically engineered for Speak-On NL4FX (NL4FC) connections, providing reliable and secure audio transmission. The true 12AWG rating guarantees a thick gauge wire, allowing for enhanced power transfer and minimized signal loss.

Whether you’re a professional musician or audio enthusiast, this cable is a must-have for any sound setup. Its high-quality construction and durable materials make it ideal for both stage performances and studio recordings.

The rubber jacket not only adds to its durability but also provides flexibility, allowing for easy cable management and hassle-free installation. You can confidently rely on this cable for consistent and clear sound delivery.

Featuring the Speak-On NL4FX (NL4FC) connectors, this cable ensures a tight and secure connection, preventing accidental disconnections or signal interruptions. You can trust this cable to maintain reliable audio connections, even in high-demanding environments.

With its true 12AWG rating, this cable is capable of handling high power levels without compromising signal integrity. It minimizes resistance and impedance, delivering clean and powerful sound reproduction.

Invest in the True 12AWG Rated Speak-on to Speak-on 4 Pin cable and experience the difference it can make in your audio setup. It’s a dependable choice that guarantees professional-grade performance and durability.


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True 12AWG Rated
Speak-On NL4FX (NL4FC)
Durable & Flexible Rubber Jacket
High Quality Product


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